THE LAW OF TRANSIENCE – What Is It & How It Affects Your Life!

Your life becomes more enriched and meaningful once you embrace The Law of Transience. When I started to embody this law and what it represents, it started impacting my life in a meaningful way. I started treating people differently. I started treating myself differently. I started telling relatives that I loved them. I started looking at plants and animals differently. I started pursuing my hobbies and interests. I started facing my fears. I felt a new found intensity and urgency in every cell of my body and I started taking action towards my dreams.

When you truly realize what it means that EVERYTHING changes… you don’t lose purpose, rather, you gain purpose. You gain perspective and reverence for what is, because you understand that you are lucky, no matter your circumstance, and that what you have (including your life) can be gone at any moment.

You can’t just intellectually know this for it to have an effect on you. You have to truly understand it and embrace it. Let it resonate in every cell of your body and feel it right NOW!

This law applies to EVERYTHING. This includes people, places, the planet, and even the entire solar system. Due to the changes in these things, we also have changes in ideas, perspectives, and beliefs.

The Law of Transience can be defined as this – no physical form stays the same nor do the relationships with said form.

Think about that definition for a minute.

What is your gut feeling when you think about this? Is it…okay well if everything is changing than what is the purpose of anything including my life? For some this law might leave them feeling apathetic, if not framed in the right context. Meaning they might experience a feeling of nihilism or not caring. These feelings only come if you don’t understand the huge implications and significance of this law. Nothing exactly as it is now…will ever be again.

Let’s examine an everyday occurrence such as the loss of love or loss of life. If transience is engrained in the very nature of both these things, then how can we be crushed when they no longer exist? Now I don’t expect most people to not feel a certain degree of pain when it comes to these things, and I too have experienced both of these losses. But if you want to take your existence to the next level and be able to look at things as they truly are, you have to accept what is. Once acceptance happens, understanding can begin. This enables you to transcend the amount of suffering that often comes with these types of occurrences.

If you want to live a better life, embrace the law of transience. Take nothing for granted, transcend the things you cannot change, and act with intensity and urgency!


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