How to Reach Your Happiness PR (Personal Record)


For anyone who works out on a somewhat frequent basis you are familiar with the term PR…or Personal Record. A PR is a type of personal record you reach in the gym for a muscle group whether that’s on the bench press, the treadmill or any other exercise.


Our minds and emotions are like one big muscle and this includes our happiness. And just like when we first start training in the gym, it seems difficult at first and we might not always want to do it. BUT..the more you do it, the better you get at it and the easier it becomes. This is true in terms of exercising our happiness as well.


I recently lost my grandfather a few days ago and yes it made me sad but I was still able to maintain a certain level of happiness during this time. You PR your happiness by using gratitude and perspective while you are experiencing difficult times in your life.


So instead of me feeling sorry for myself, I was grateful that I had my grandfather for so long. I was grateful that I was able to see and spend time with many family members at the funeral. And I was grateful that I could be there for my dad and grandma through this time.


And instead of focusing on the absence of my grandfather in my life, I used perspective and realized some people have never even met their grandparents. And some people have never even met their own parents!


Once you reach a certain point of consistently being focused on your happiness by using gratitude and perspective, you can really start to grow as a person. You can push yourself and expand the limits of your happiness and grow emotionally and psychologically. This will evolve who you are as a person and you will reach new levels of success by doing this. You will also meet new and great people and you will live a better life!


Modern science and medicine are now able to show that what I’m talking about isn’t just theory. It has a name and it’s called psychoneuroimmunology. By practicing these things I am talking about you are actually changing your body’s biochemistry. When you choose to constantly use gratitude and perspective to think positive and be happy, you are literally changing who you are on a cellular level.


Also, when you practice these things you create new neural pathways in your brain. Think of your brain as a big collection of shrubs. As you start to build these new neural pathways, it’s like creating a new trail through the shrubs of your current thoughts. And the more you practice happiness and positive thinking, the larger and more defined the trail becomes. The larger and more defined the trail becomes, the easier it becomes to walk. Meaning it literally becomes easier and easier for you to be happier the more you practice these things.


Your ability to continually stay positive in spite of the amount of resistance you face in life, in the form of challenges, setbacks and hard times, is when you PR your happiness.


You are on your way to greatness, success and a much happier life when you can see the good while you are going through the bad.



8 thoughts on “How to Reach Your Happiness PR (Personal Record)”

  1. Hi Steven. Great post and supports the message of re-training your brain and thought processes after experiencing certain mental health conditions such as anxiety and ptsd. The pathways in your brain change in these conditions too but can be supported by changing and repetitively practising the way you think. Thank you for providing information in support of this, in turn, supporting others.

  2. I just wanted to say how great of a person Steven is. He is a very humble man even though he is a complete stranger to me. I recently reached out to him for insight on his perspective of life. With only a few day he reached back to me. I just wanted to thank him for his encouragement and his insights on living a better happier life. It takes a very special person to follow the calling of your soul.

  3. Hi Steven,

    Thank you for sharing this. It made me feel a lot better specially on this hard times. Just wanted to tell you that tonight you did an impact in someone else’s life.!!!

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