Give me 6 minutes and I’ll tell you THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH OF YOUR LIFE.

What do we know? What do we REALLY know? What do we have? Who are we?

(I’m going to preface this post by saying these topics I am discussing might be new to you but the capacity for them to fully resonate with you is in you, and always has been. You just need to slow down and let yourself fully receive the message. Okay, lets jump into it.)

So…are you this body? If I cut off your arm, does that change the essence of your being? No, it just changes your vessel..this piece of flesh that you use to navigate this life. And what is this vessel? Its not you. Is it not just an accumulation of food and water you have acquired over time? It is just a vehicle you have on lease from this earth for the time you are here. It might be your body but it is not you. That is number one.

Are you your name? If you started to go by a different name tomorrow would you act any different? No, it would not change the fundamentals of who you are. A name is just a sound coming out of your mouth or ink on paper. Do women all of a sudden automatically change once they get married and take their husbands last name? (that answer is no, but some might debate me on this haha)

Are you your belongings? Can they not be taken from you tomorrow if a natural disaster was to occur?

Do you have a family? Can they not be taken away from you in an accident at any moment?

Are you your thoughts or emotions? How many countless times have both changed on you, making you feel unintelligent, sad or lost?

So what do we really know for sure then? The one thing that we know for sure, that will always be constant, is this moment. The current moment is our ever present reality. The present moment is the only thing we ever truly have.  This is the most fundamental truth of our lives.

Why is this important to know? Once you realize and accept this, you can start to deconstruct your thoughts and behavior to improve your life. Your amount of suffering in this life has a direct correlation with your distance away from truth. This exact moment has never happened to you. It is an absolute unique moment. This precise moment with all the people, places situations, etc. in the world has never occurred and will never happen again. This realization bestows unto us a certain appreciation and reverence for every passing moment.

Also, this moment is inevitable. The next moment has a million possibilities, but this moment, right now, is inevitable. Why is that important to know? By accepting this fact and knowing it to be true, then a dynamic acceptance of this moment is the only way to live. And anything you accept becomes apart of yourself, which you can enjoy. While anything you reject, you suffer. Please know this to be true on a fundamental level and reflect on it for yourself in your own life and you will see it’s truth. Realizing this helps you avoid the mental suffering you are causing yourself through the rumination of your past and the projections you create of your future.

If this is the only moment that exists and is inevitable, how can the future or the past be hurting you? You are suffering from that which does not exist. Please see this. If you are are thinking about the future. If you are depressed. You are thinking about the past. A memory is happening in your brain NOW and any projection or thoughts of the future are also happening NOW. Is this not true? Psychological suffering needs the concept of “time”. It does not and cannot exist in the present moment, in the now. The present moment is the key to your freedom.

It is true that the ability to plan ahead and reflect on the past is one thing that separates us from animals, but this gift also becomes our curse when we don’t control it. When it becomes compulsive and we look back on the past in anger, or dread tomorrow, then our mind has become a curse. A misery manufacturing machine if you will. Only use your mind as a tool. Your mind is here to serve you, but in so many of us the servant has become the master.


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  1. “Your amount of suffering in this life has a direct correlation with your distance away from truth”. Wow love that

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