Accept This 1 Responsibility…and Transform Your Life (Into Something Great)

Unfortunately we’ve been confused by our own nature. So many teachings over hundreds and thousands of years have turned us upside down and backwards when it comes to what we think this life is, what we’re doing here, and who is in control. I would like to share some important wisdom regarding this subject.

There are things in our physical world that can shape our surroundings, but they do not determine the nature of our experience. Everything you feel is coming from within you. Proof of this can be seen in how different people react to the same outside stimuli. If the same object is affecting two people in two different ways, the experience is not objective, but rather subjective, correct? Therefore since two different experiences are being created by the same stimuli, it is safe to say that the experience is happening within each person individually. I like to call this stimuli vs reaction. Is the stimuli actually defining your experience? Or is how you CHOOSE to react defining your experience? I believe it to be the latter. If someone is tailgating you and you get upset (which I use to be very guilty of) are THEY making you upset? Or are YOU letting yourself get upset?  If that same person was tailgating you again and you didn’t have any mirrors in your car to see behind you, do you think you would feel the same anger? No…why not? The same stimuli is there but because it isn’t in your perception, you can’t react to it so it does not affect you…even though the same stimuli is present!

The fact is…YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. This is the one responsibility you must accept in order to transform your life into something amazing. Whatever the nature of your experience…it’s all happening within you.  Whether that’s love, hate, pain, pleasure, happiness or agony. Is this not true? Please hand me an emotion and show it to me physically. You cannot. These are not physical objects. They are non-physical energies that are generated by you and within you.  No one else has the ability to impose them on you. They are experiential occurrences only happening inside of you, and you are generating these feeling at all times. This is where the importance of mindfulness comes into play and where staying in the present moment is so crucial. You need to be able to monitor your experience. Or would you rather be on autopilot and be a slave to your environment? Be the observer. Consciously see what is generating inside of you during the day so you can act appropriately. This will take some time and awareness at first, but control over your life is worth any amount of effort.

Take responsibility for your life. You ARE responsible. Everything that has happened to you up to this point is of your doing, as well as everything that will happen to you from this point forward. This is true whether you choose to accept it or not. And this is good news! You are therefore able to create what you want. If you accept this fact, you are taking ownership of your experience and can make your life into any amazing creation that you wish. If you do not accept this fact, you will simply be reactive to life. You will constantly play the victim and will get nowhere. Is that what you want? I know I don’t what that for you and neither should you!

This concept applies no matter the circumstance. Whether you are in a dead-end job that you hate, if you are young and in school, if you are facing a long prison sentence, or even in a concentration camp (as shown in Viktor Frankl’s phenomenal book Man’s Search for Meaning). You always have a choice how you experience this life…no excuses. And if for some reason you cannot change your physical surroundings at this time, you can still work towards changing that physical situation while also staying equanimous inside yourself. Your consciousness determines any situation, not the other way around. You decide everything. Happiness isn’t something that happens to you, it’s something you are and choose to be. Stop exporting your life and happiness to some other place, or for some other time. We always live in the here and now and we were meant to create what we want. Feel it…own it…love it!

So remember, YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY…if you didn’t create it, you are powerless to change it. Consider yourself from this moment forward…EMPOWERED. You have one shot at making this life what you want. One shot at expressing yourself fully and realizing your potential. So do you want to be reactive or proactive?  The servant or the master? The consumer or the CREATOR? It is all up to YOU…and that my friends is a good thing.


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