To inspire, educate and empower others so that they can enhance their personal wellbeing. Happy individuals create positive societies. Once you cultivate wellbeing for yourself, it is only natural to want to share it with others and the world around you.

There are really good people out there who feel lost and confused, like how I use to feel, who I can support and help. I have a unique combination of experience, knowledge, skills and perspective that will help cultivate your power and purpose. I can help give you confidence and meaning. I truly want to make your life better!


I want to inspire and develop people in all ways. Whether that is creatively, emotionally, professionally, physically or intellectually. I want to share ideas and open your mind to new ways of thinking regarding how you see the world, yourself, and your existence. I believe that the most essential and beneficial human knowledge is still not being communicated widely enough. This is knowledge and wisdom that transforms your thinking, shifts your whole paradigm, and enhances your wellbeing instantly.

I want to empower people into taking action and creating lasting change to benefit the world.

You might be one story, metaphor, word, or idea away from making a breakthrough, getting to the next level, and creating something amazing that can help yourself and humanity.

It all boils down to my desire to reduce human suffering, whether it be on an emotional, physical, spiritual or psychological level, and enhance personal wellbeing.

I want to cultivate your inner state so that you are more capable of achieving what you want in this life and without suffering the process. I’m here to point you in the right direction and to create conducive thoughts in your mind that are self-sustaining and truth seeking, which will help you find truth and happiness on your own and in yourself.

I want to support you and be a valuable and reliable resource of information. I want to motivate you to live well and also express yourself and to create. To achieve what you didn’t think was possible yesterday. To embrace being happy with who you are and realize you are a creator and to take pride in living up to your full potential. There’s a better way to live…LIVE FREE!



I will create a self-sustaining and self-growing non-profit organization that benefits people individually as well as helps humanity and the earth. I’ve already seen this in my mind. It already exists. It just needs to be manifested now. Help me make it a reality! I want to live a life of contribution.



I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but grew up in Southern California from the age of 3. My parents split when I was young. My older brother and I were predominantly raised by our single mother. She was a loving woman but she also had a short and aggressive temper to put it nicely. I grew up in a household where we barely had enough and everything always seemed like a struggle. At 17 I lost my mother to suicide. It was devastatingly painful and is the hardest thing I have had to go through. Despite suffering through debilitating panic attacks and depression in college following my mother’s passing, I persevered and somehow graduated from college by 21 years old. Still not truly having heard my calling, I did what millions of young business graduates have done…took a white collar job in a random industry I had never seen myself in. I was grateful to have a decent job but I never felt fully connected to what I was doing. I even did fairly well in my field. Working for a Fortune 500 company and making six figures, but there was still something missing…



The day was June 30th, 2015. I had just gotten home from work on an average day. I had not noticed anything out of the ordinary within myself this day. But recently I had been doing, for lack of a better term, some “soul searching”. This had involved me meditating and doing some other physical, emotional and psychological exercises during the prior couple weeks. These practices were unusual for me since I had always been very left brain thinking, with a Type A personality.

The first distinct memory I have of this special experience was me walking outside my house to my car. I had an overall feeling of lightness within my body and mind. I thought nothing of it, enjoyed it and began driving. The feeling soon intensified to where my perception of reality had been completely altered. It was like a thick, heavy screen had been lifted from my being. I remember I began seeing other cars and drivers in a different way. I no longer saw the brands of the cars or judged the people in them. There were no filters or connotations to anything I saw. I was seeing things only as they truly were and with no judgment.

For the next 5 hours or so, I had intense feelings of complete bliss. Every person I saw I cherished. I felt totally tranquil inside of myself. There were no feelings of void, yearning or anxiousness. I was continuously experiencing feelings of ecstasy for no reason. Also, I had no fear. No sense of self. Barely a sense of time. I was just a blissful being. I was constantly in the present moment and was always aware of the energy in my body.  I was not identified with anything, including ideas or anything materialistic. I felt total clarity in every cell of my body and an amazing sense of oneness.  I felt an acute awareness I had never had before.

Even this description I just gave doesn’t fully do the experience justice, but it is the best way I know how to describe it. I didn’t even know what this experience was, nor was I consciously striving for it. It was only later when I started doing some research did I realize what I experienced. My former self would have been skeptical about this story. It is hard to fully comprehend something like this if you haven’t experienced it. Talking about experiential dimensions of life from an intellectual understanding is almost a waste of time.  You have to personally experience something for it to carry its true weight in meaning. This was the most powerful experience of my life. And I will never be the same after it. I felt complete, and realized that I was whole and had always been whole. This experience has humbled me. It’s grounded me. And at the same time it’s energized me!

After this life changing awakening, I went through a full conscious deconstruction of my life.  In order to get a big picture view of my own truth, I deconstructed my personality, my ego, my past, my relationships, my happiness, my goals, and my habits. I then laid a healthy, untainted, and unshakable foundation for my life that was true to myself and to the universe.  It propelled me to where I am today, pursuing my life’s passion to live joyfully and help others do the same.



Spirituality is about exploring your own existence. It’s finding the truth around you and within you. Religion on the other hand is a specific set of organized beliefs and practices, usually shared by a community or group. Spirituality is more of an individual practice and has to do with having a sense of peace and purpose. It also relates to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life and connection with others. It is possible to be spiritual and not religious, and it is also possible to be religious and not spiritual.



Boundlessness is an underlying theme and idea of what I do and what I believe in. To be boundless is to transcend fundamental and inherent human longing and suffering. There’s a physical and a non-physical aspect of boundlessness. To feel free inside yourself and also to be free in the outside world. I will show you how to transcend every social norm, every personal boundary, every physical limitation, every emotional crutch, and every psychological limiting belief. I want you to be boundless in all forms and in every sense of the word.

You will learn to turn inward to realize the nature of your true being; who you are, what this earth is and what this life is. To be happy inside yourself and to live with grace and to be empathetic and compassionate to others. You will also learn how to use mindfulness to intentionally be who you want, become what you want, do what you want, and create this physical life into something meaningful.



Why do I talk about existential topics? They are topics having to do with our existence, and the human condition. It is something that interests me and that I’m passionate about. It is also something that every single person has in common and can relate to. It is a very dynamic subject because it is a blending and molding of so many different fields and practices including philosophy, physics, sociology, chemistry, psychology, biology, anthropology and spirituality. The questions, answers and ideas that are churned out of this amalgamation of different fields, contain wisdom that can be applied to our day to day existence and can have the most profound effect on every moment of our lives.

Existential Development – this term directly translates into “cultivating how you exist”. It is concerned with two dimensions of your life: enhancing how you exist within yourself, while also enhancing how you exist within the physical world. Existential Development is a term I coined to describe a process where you learn how to conduct yourself in a certain way internally, which naturally develops into success externally.  – Steven Wesley