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5 Proven Methods For Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs

In my last post I explained what limiting beliefs are and how they hold you back. Today I will be giving you actual methods that you can use to overcome your limiting beliefs. I will begin by saying that anyone is capable of anything. This might sound cliché but know it to be true. Embrace this belief and use it as a launching pad to propel yourself from. Know that no matter what your limiting belief is, there is a way to overcome it. You just have to find the correct syntax of thought and action which will serve as an access code to unlocking your potential. This includes what you do, how you do it and what order you do it in. Find the right combination of these items and you will be able to unlock all of your potential that has been stifled by your limiting beliefs. Here are 5 proven methods that can be used on their own or together, that will help you break through your limiting beliefs:

Method 1 – Belief/Fear Extraction – This is a very effective visualization technique I have used on myself and on my clients multiple times. Close your eyes and say your limiting belief to yourself and feel where the fear associated with that limiting belief generates in your body. Most likely it will be somewhere in your head, chest, or stomach. Give this feeling a color. Now give it a shape. See this colored shape in that certain area of your body. Now visualize that colored shape being removed from your body. Feel that limiting belief and fear being totally extracted from your body. Now chop it up into a thousand pieces until it has disintegrated. You will feel an immediate sense of lightness and liberation from your limiting belief.

Method 2 – Affirmations – Take your limiting belief and write it out. Then write out the exact opposite of that belief. This is now the affirmation you will use. Say this statement with conviction to yourself multiple times. Do this while looking at yourself in the mirror. This will create a self full-filing prophecy in your subconscious mind. If you affirm this new belief in your mind enough times with enough emotion and on a consistent basis, you will naturally turn that new belief into a reality through your actions that stem from the affirmation. Just know that you have been working with the old belief system for so long that you will need repetition in order to create lasting change using affirmations.

Method 3 – Self-Love and Self-Acceptance – This method is one of the simplest but can be one that some people find the hardest to practice. I want you to look yourself right in the eyes in the mirror and say I love you to yourself. Do not let any negative thoughts that come up stop you, just keep saying it to yourself. You can also say any other encouraging thoughts to yourself that you would like. This mirror work will help you cultivate a positive relationship with yourself. A relationship of love and acceptance. This naturally builds self esteem and confidence which are effective remedies for any limiting beliefs. If you fully love and trust yourself you will have no fear of judgment or failure and will naturally pursue anything you want, despite whatever limiting beliefs you might experience along the way.

Method 4 – Staying Present – A lot of limiting beliefs stem from the past, which we project into the future, which end up stopping us from acting in the present. What if you were just able to exist in the present? Unadulterated by any baggage of the past or worries of the future? Would you not be in a much better place to achieve what you want right now? Focus only on the present moment and you will be more capable of using your attention and energies in a much more productive way. See my previous blog post here for tricks to be more present.

Method 5 – Test Your Assumptions – Go out into the world and actually test your limiting beliefs. Do this by using the exposure therapy method. Whatever your limiting belief is, expose yourself to that situation by starting at the easiest end of that spectrum and slowly progress to you ultimate goal. Say you have social anxiety and your limiting belief is “I am not good at talking with people,” you wouldn’t start testing this assumption by going to a massive networking event. Instead, go out and just start saying hi to random strangers that walk by, or ask people for the time. Once you are comfortable with this step, move onto the next step that you think will enhance your social interaction. This will give you actual reference points to anchor your new beliefs in.

You need to consciously work on your limiting beliefs and not just hope they go away on their own. Why? Because the old beliefs are usually so ingrained in your mind that they might not go away even once you get to your goal! Something I always tell my clients is never let your past dictate what you want or who you want to become. Let me repeat that, never let your past dictate what you want or who you want to become. The benefits of overcoming your limiting beliefs will include more happiness, more confidence, more success, and more fulfillment. So practice these methods TODAY! Use at least one method right now! Don’t wait! Don’t say I’ll get to that tomorrow. It’s funny how easily tomorrow becomes never!


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