5 Mindsets Successful People Have That You Don’t (These Will Surprise You)


I want to preface this list by saying that I use to not have any of these mindsets, and that’s when I was even doing fairly well. But if you really want to go to the next level in your success and development, you need to implement all five of these mindsets. If you embrace them, believe them, and become them..these mindsents will change your life.


#1 – ACT IN SPITE OF FEAR – Successful people act in spite of fear, while unsuccessful people let fear stop them. Successful people do experience doubts and worries but they just don’t let them stop them. Feel the fear and step into it. Do this in your personal life and your professional life. Talk to that person you want to date. Ask for that raise. Don’t avoid the tension. Tension is good for you.  Get okay with being uncomfortable. You grow when you step outside your comfort zone. You don’t have to get rid of the fear to be successful…you just have to embrace it!


#2 – PLAY TO WIN – Successful people play the game to win, while unsuccessful people play the game not to lose. Most people play the game of life, money and success on the defense. My mind use to be set to this mode too. Only trying to grab for what I wanted when there was no risk involved. Stop thinking about survival and security and start thinking about thriving. Unsuccessful people think small. Go on the offensive and think big!  Increase your goals. Make them bigger. Times them by 5 or 10. It is possible to achieve your big dreams. Shoot for the stars..and at least you’ll hit the moon!


#3 – CONSTANTLY LEARN AND GROW – Successful people constantly learn and grow, while unsuccessful people think they know everything. This might be the one on the list where you are saying I have heard this before, but I challenge you to take this concept to the next level. Lets take Warren Buffet for example. He has said that he spends up to 80% of his time reading..and he is 82 years old! The day you think you know everything is the day you start losing. If a man of Warren Buffets age and prestige practices this..shouldn’t you?


#4 – BE BIGGER THAN YOUR PROBLEMS – Successful people are bigger than their problems, while unsuccessful people are smaller than their problems. Grow your capacity to handle problems and situations better. Do this by enhancing your skills, knowledge, experience and personal network.  Focus on opportunities, as opposed to focusing on obstacles. Have confidence, step up to the plate and face a challenge head on. Don’t try to avoid problems. Know that you will always have problems, whether you are poor or rich. The bigger the problems you can handle..the bigger the success you can handle!


#5 – ADMIRE OTHERS SUCCESSES – Successful people admire other people’s success and their accomplishments, while unsuccessful people resent other people’s success and accomplishments. I’m not going to lie..I use to be very guilty of this. We automatically come up with stories in our heads of how or why someone else doesn’t deserve that car or that house, or how they got lucky, or how their parents must be wealthy. Instead…be happy for them. Try to learn from them. Befriend them even. You might get some useful knowledge out of it. At the same time you will no longer subconsciously be rejecting what you actually want. Model who and what you want to become.


Adopt these 5 mindsets my friends and I will see you at the TOP!!


28 thoughts on “5 Mindsets Successful People Have That You Don’t (These Will Surprise You)”

  1. Good post! There is definite truth in the mindsets described here! Fear is a huge reason why people don’t move foreward. Other things can get in the way as well. Lacking basic stability, due to physical or other issues, makes it more difficult to move beyond obstacles. I think the words ” that you don’t have” in the title are a bit presumptuous, but maybe I’m just being picky. 🙂

  2. Can I just say what a relief to locate somebody who truly knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You unquestionably know how to bring an concern to light and make it critical. Much more individuals really need to read this and fully grasp this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more well-known mainly because you absolutely have the gift.

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