Why do I do what I do?

To inspire, educate and empower others so that they can enhance their personal wellbeing. Read More

The inner dimension of yourself is where anything and everything begins. It is the springboard of your success, or the quicksand of your failure. I am here to help you choose and navigate the path that is most beneficial to you.

So many people are living below their potential in terms of success AND happiness. I can help you enhance both! I am focused on EFFECTIVELY BLENDING SPIRITUALITY AND SUCCESS.

Whether you are trying to raise a family, attract a partner, get healthy, or grow a business…you need to be right within yourself before you can see progress or success outside of yourself.

Get to this level in your life by working with me and I will walk you through my proprietary, proven and trademarked 8 step Existential Development Coaching Program.

Existential Development – this term directly translates into “cultivating how you exist”. It is concerned with two dimensions of your life: enhancing how you exist within yourself, while also enhancing how you exist within the physical world. Existential Development is a term I coined to describe a process where you learn how to conduct yourself in a certain way internally, which naturally develops into success externally.  – Steven Wesley











Helping people bridge the gap between spiritual development and worldly success


3 Reasons Why Spiritual People Should Become Wealthy

Hello Friends! I am in Agra, India at the Taj Mahal and wanted to share with you 3 reasons why spirituality has pushed me to achieve at a high level and become wealthy. Enjoy!


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The 1 Secret Rich People Use to Accumulate Wealth

  Have you ever been jealous of someone else’s success and really wondered how they got to where they are? In the last two years I have had the opportunity to spend time with some amazing people, most worth 8 and 9..

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How to Reach Your Happiness PR (Personal Record)

  For anyone who works out on a somewhat frequent basis you are familiar with the term PR…or Personal Record. A PR is a type of personal record you reach in the gym for a muscle group whether that’s on the bench press, the tr..

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Steven is not a psychologist or psychotherapist…but he is an excellent Coach!

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